Friday, June 10, 2016

Cavegirl Art 26: Shanna the She-Devil

We have shamefully neglected this blog for far too long but we intend to post more here in the next few months.  Shanna the She-Devil isn't really a cavegirl but we include her her as she comes under the sub-category of jungle girl and could, equally, be a cavegirl in a Lost World where she has picked up a steel weapon from an explorer.  Anyway, we don't need any excuse to put up another picture by the peerless Milo Manara.

Shanna is unusual in that she was the creation of a female writer, Carole Seuling, back in 1972 when Marvel were deliberately trying to build their appeal to women.  In the convoluted story illustrated here, she is gathering some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on a lost island inhabited by monsters and Neanderthals.  So, quite cavegirl enough!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Lego Cavegirl

Lego was absolutely Agent Triple P's favourite toy when he was small and we built all sorts of wonderful worlds with it.  The proliferation of models which just build up into one thing these days seems to go against the idea behind it.  When Triple P was small there were no Lego people.  Today the strangely yellow-faced Lego people have now even spawned limited edition character figures from other manufaturers.  This Lego cavegirl, however, is an official figure and we are delighted to have her on the blog!

She is armed with a club, which is no doubt due to the Danes famous equal opportunities culture, as everyone knows that prehistoric clubs were only for cavemen and were used for bopping cavegirls over the head before dragging them back by their hair to their cave.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cavegirl Art 24: The trials of a Cavegirl by Milo Manara

Italian artist Milo Manara's book Bolero takes a look at the history of mankind through the medium of strips of figures in the costumes of history.  Including many figures in military dress and some violent and bloody vignettes there is also a healthy smattering of copulating figures as humankind progresses from prehistoric times to the year 2000.  In fact, the message of the book seems to be that humans haven't progressed at all and are still obsessed with fighting and sex.

The book begins with this sequence where a lovely cavegirl is molested by an excited Neanderthal.  His expectations are disappointed when a Cro-Magnon smashes his brains out with that prototypical caveman weapon, a wooden club.  No respite for the cavegirl, however, as our more evolved ancestor flings her to the ground and takes her from behind resulting in a cave baby.

In reality, of course, there is some evidence for cross breeding (although, as ever, academics don't agree) between Neanderthals and modern man, in their joint Eurasian habitat, resulting in, for example, some genetic differences between Europeans and Asians and sub-Saharan Africans; the latter having less Neanderthal DNA.  

Friday, February 07, 2014

Cavegirl: Brigitte Bardot

A great find by Mikey, on his Shanna the She-Devil blog, is this splendid shot of Brigitte Bardot, which we hadn't seen before.  Bardot, in leopard print, tied up.  Splendid!

Although she is more of a jungle girl this picture from the same shoot is particularly cave girl-like as well.  Agent Triple P once spent a couple of days in a yacht moored off Bardot's beach-side house in St Tropez. All you could hear was the barking of what sounded like dozens of dogs in kennels in her garden.

This is from a different shoot but her leafy headdress and primitive beads turn her into the sort of cavegirl you would very much like to have out gathering a few berries for you while you cook some mammoth steak,

Monday, November 04, 2013

Cavegirl Art 23: Computer Game Cavegirl

We spotted this computer generated cavegirl when she appeared in an online advertisement on a website we were looking at.  She exists to publicise one of those online world builder type strategy games which young people waste so much of their lives on.  We like her outfit and would happily pick berries with her in her prehistoric world.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Cavegirl secretary: Maj-Britt Mannson in The Nine Ages of Nakedness

Here is an unusual example of a cavegirl from Harrison Marks' 1970 film The Nine Ages of Nakedness.  The actress at the stone age typwriter is the utterly gorgeous Maj-Britt Manson.

We would guess that she is Swedish, by her name, but have been unable to find anything else about her other than this one picture of her in a rubber boat.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cavegirl: Micky De Rauch in One Million Years BC

Here we have model Micky De Rauch who played First Shell Girl in Hammer Film's One Million Years BC (1966).  More importantly she was also Raquel Welch's body double so had to don her own version of the famous fur bikini.  Hers was the body filmed in most of the more active stunts but she later recalled that she only had the one costume so that after three weeks shooting it was "pretty dirty and smelly".

Being a body double for Raquel Welch must have been something of an intimidating role but we can see that she looks very fine indeed, with a nice trim waist and a splendid stomach.  She admitted to putting socks into her top as she couldn't compete with the Welch bust.

Things were going well between the twenty year old English model and Welch until the star was off sick one day in Lanzarote, where the exterior scenes were filmed in the prehistoric, volcanic landscape.  Welch not being there some Spanish reporters, visiting the set, took pictures of De Rauch, who happily posed for them, and published them with Welch's name attached to them.

Welch and her manager were furious and De Rauch said that the film's director advised her to take an extended holiday and that Welch subsequently cut her dead at the film premiere.  For her part she felt that Welch wasn't that attractive and her voice had a "Southern whine".  Should have had an in costume cat fight to sort it out, ladies.